Thursday, February 09, 2006

15. "The Friendship Test" ~ Elizabeth Noble

I appreciate it when friends or family give me paperbacks that they've used, abused, or never opened. They know I will read them and, if it's a lucky little book, I'll give it a home on one of my shelves.

The Friendship Test will share space with greasy bacon drippings and wilted salad leaves.

Four friends vow to remain steadfast to each other through thick and thin... and the cliches just get worse from there. The writing is stilted. What's worse is the editing seems more like a hack job than anything. Perhaps because the author sipped tea with the big wigs at the publishing house they didn't feel the need to help her create sentences that make sense. I nearly took out my green grading pen to mark this up, but then it would mean that I cared.

Um, I mean, thanks for the book, Auntie Lyndy.

.10 out of 5.0 Jello Shots

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Anonymous said...

From your review, this book doesn't sound too please! I probably won't be picking this one up! I might grab a alcoholic beverage instead. How to make a Jello shot