Sunday, January 22, 2006

"How do you rate these?" and other questions... ANSWERED

"How do you choose books?"

Most of the time, I cruise the Amazon or Barnes and Snob-le site. Otherwise, I listen to the wise people at these different links. Finally, I have a fantastic librarian friend who saves all of the new 2006 releases in a pile just for me.

"How do you critique books? Why did you choose this scale?"

I base my reaction to books on a five-part reaction. First, and most important, am I enjoying myself? There are so many books out there that kill that spark -- and we wonder why more kids choose television over books, video games over books, sex over books. Actually, I'm okay with that last one.

Next, I look at the craft, mainly plot and characterization. I am a firm believer in the plot-driven vs. character-driven theory of literature. Of course you need both elements for a fantastic read, but every single book can be lumped into one of those two categories.

Finally, I think of it in two scales, microME and macroME. MacroME is how this affects the world around, well, *me*. Will this influence people to give up vacation days for the lady with cancer? MicroME is the other term for the "Gone With the Wind" syndrome. I've read that novel 50+ times between the ages of 12 and 21. Do I feel that love with the critiqued novel? Meh. Sometimes.

I chose this scale because it was how I was critiquing books in my head anyway. And I like alcohol.

"Are you an alcoholic?"

Perhaps. Pass the vodka and let me think about it.

No. Alcoholic jokes are never funny. Except when they are.

I am a cocktail aficionada. Alcohol is one way that I deal with chronic pain issues. I also exercise, but "3.5 out of 5.0 situps" just isn't as fun.

"I know who you really are."

Indeed. Then you will respect my privacy and allow me to meet my goal of a hundred books this year. Muchas gracias.

"Can I link to you?"

Absolutely. Please let me know so I can return the favor.

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